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May 13, 2013

Doors opening

Lately, Anna has had opportunities become available to her that would have been difficult to agree to if she had not had her transplant.

Her CI classroom is going for an overnight trip to Mackinac Island during the first week of June.  If she was still on the waiting list, we would not have been able to let her go because it would be too far from home, and where we would be flying to Pittsburgh from.  If she had not been listed for the transplant, we would have to pack her formula and low protein food, which would presented additional challenges for her teacher and chaperones.  Now, we just need to be sure she has her medication and that her teacher understands that the dosage times are crucial.

Just a few days before this trip, she's competing with her teammates from Area 30 at Special Olympics of Michigan's Summer State Games.  The last time she did, she did not stay in the dorm with the rest of the athletes, because there was so little food provided that she was able to eat with her restricted diet.  Now she can enjoy the entire experience!

Situations like these remind me of how much MSUD controlled our lives, and reinforces our decision to pursue the transplant.