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May 22, 2013

An Awesome Check-Up!

On Monday, Anna had her first clinic appointment with the transplant clinic since we came home in November.

We made the long drive out to Pittsburgh on Sunday.  The highlights of the road trip out were cute soldiers (for Anna)

and passing the trucks carrying Eric Church's concert gear.

Since the Ohio Turnpike seems to go on forever, we were thankful when when we finally got to Pennsylvania.

We relaxed at the hotel and ate a really good restaurant called Smokey Bones that evening.

Bright and early on Monday we drove into the city, to Children's Hospital.  Oh my gosh... the traffic.

We were at a standstill when I took this picture.  This kind of traffic makes me so thankful we live in a relatively small town!

Anna wore her new Antonio Brown jersey as a lucky charm.  She smiled a fake smile for this picture because we were waiting for bloodwork and she was nervous.  

Her appointment went very well!  She got through her blood draw like a champ.  We met with Dr. Bond, one of the surgeons who performed her surgery, and he said she looks amazing and healthy.  We were also saw Anna's coordinator, Pam.  We love her, and were so happy to see her again.  

Her appointment was finished by mid-morning, so we headed downtown to explore The Strip District. 

We went to Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, which is such a unique store.

Another store I loved was Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop.  They had all sorts of vintage candy, like what I grew up with - candy cigarettes, wax lips, etc.  They also had delicious fudge. We then ate lunch at DeLuca's, which has been featured on Man Vs. Food. They are known for their breakfasts.  I had the caramel apple crepe - soooo good.  All of that walking and shopping wore us out, so we all crashed and napped when we got back to the hotel! We are going to try to explore parts of Pittsburgh on each clinic visit, so it's more like a mini-vacation than just a doctor's appointment.

I got the last of her bloodwork results this morning, and everything looks great.  She can switch to monthly labs, and we don't need to head back to clinic til September or October!