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March 8, 2013

Friends who see beyond the labels

As a parent, when someone shows kindness to your child, it makes your heart happy.  When your child is special needs, your heart swells with joy.  The joy I feel when someone sees beyond Anna's disability and goes above and beyond to help her feel unique is indescribable.

Yesterday Anna was able to go on-air with Angie Evans, a DJ at WCFX.  We have been able to do this a few times over the past 3 years, and Anna is always so excited to do it.  The fact that she is able to be on the radio is secondary to how she feels while she is there.  Through her kindness and enthusiasm, Angie makes Anna feel like a princess for the day for those thirty minutes.  Her speech impairment is forgotten, and any self-consciousness goes out the window.  Clint James, another DJ at the radio station has been able to learn about Anna through Angie, and also extends the same kindness. A ordinary hug made Anna's day - no, it made her week, maybe month!

I am so thankful for friends like them, who see Anna as the funny, silly, beautiful girl she is, rather than just Anna the MSUD or transplant girl.