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February 27, 2013

School Blues

Kids often say they hate school, and do not necessarily mean it.  Unfortunately, I'm beginning that realize that Anna probably is being truthful when she says so.

This school year has undoubtedly been a struggle for her.  Starting high school is a significant change for anyone.  She was only in school for two and a half weeks when  we got the transplant call, which was barely enough time to learn her locker combination.  Then she was out of school until January.  Only a few weeks later she missed a week of school due to being neutropenic.  She has been out of school more than she has been in.

She has never able to find her niche.  When she went back in January, all of the other ninth graders had been able to settle in.  She was essentially reliving her first day again.  She also had several months of not needing to follow a schedule, and even with the tutoring sessions in Pittsburgh and the homebound services she received, she was not doing the amount of academic work she is now.

Then there's the social aspect.  Even though she is no longer following a specific diet, she still feels like the odd person out.  She is not sure exactly where she fits in yet, and for a fifteen year old, that is huge.

Thankfully she has fantastic teachers, and a couple of close friends to help her through this.  I'm praying she will not need to miss more school, and she will be able to find her way soon.